Did your school’s rate of instruction meet expected data outcomes? Are you satisfied with the data returns on instruction? At what levels did you invest in teacher-training and coaching?

“The Intellectual Classroom” provides an alternative approach that examines content, pace and instruction as the key levers to move data through intense teacher training and coaching. Using your current pacing guide, we help you establish a rate of instruction plan and set return on instruction goals that meet your expectations as a school.

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“Building Intellectual Classrooms to Meet or Exceed Expectations one School at a Time”

More on Content and Pace:

Content and Pace Moves Data
Content and Pace Creates Differentiation
Content and Pace Builds Background Knowledge for Critical Assessments

When you confirm your “Intellectual Classroom” interactive training session, your team will learn our approach to shifting data. In short, data shifts occur through content and pace and is supported by standards and strategies. We build content knowledge and skill application through rate of instruction (RoI). If the class is mastering the task, move on. If not, differentiate the instruction and provide supports as needed; then move on as a “clear approach.”

Here’s a logic model: if a pacing guide outlines what students should know and understand at an assigned rate of instruction, then data will shift. However, curriculum aligned to a standardized test that assesses all instructional areas at once says otherwise. The question becomes—how is student performance measured adequately if the pace, a skill and limited content are tied to certain weeks and days? Pacing is definitely needed, but in what way? What rate of instruction best fits your school?

Once strategies like instructional blocks or cooperative learning groups and even higher order questions are delivered, the heart of instruction lies in deep, rich content and complex text guided by a rigorous rate of instruction. When students have access to content knowledge embedded in skills and standards, they are able to tackle high stakes testing.

With content and research-based teaching practices in place, you and your teachers can drive your own school-level rate of instruction to shift student achievement. The Intellectual Classroom is an approach – not a program. The approach is to examine content and pace and then customize your school’s year long rate of instruction plan and return on instruction goals.

Take-a-way Tools and Templates

– Revise or adopt a pacing guide that meets your school’s rate of instruction based on live data.- Balance instruction to ensure rigor in assessments, content, common core skills and tasks to meet testing demands. – Implement skills and steps instructional template to ensure higher order questions and well-positioned instructional strategies
– Create core values that drive rigor and align to school’s CIWP
– Compact curriculum to accelerate learning while scaffolding and supporting interventions for students to meet or exceed grade level expectations

Invite Dr. Dames to introduce her dynamic Intellectual Classroom training as she provides strategic direction on shifting data through content and pace.
When you schedule on-site training, your team will leave with a year long rate of instruction (RoI) and return on instructional goals that work for your school.

As an instructional coach and educational researcher for several decades, she provides critical takeaways that generate data shifts.
Content and pace set the stage as core educational values while standards and strategies support these themes.

In need of a deeper, more rigorous approach to impact student performance?

Join her “Classroom” and determine your own RoI today!